"Our life revolves around ministry. Let us explain a part of that and also shed light on certain controversial issues."

Community Bible Church - Glendive, MT I have been privileged to study the Bible intensively for the last thirty-five years. As a result, I welcome serious questions. I can answer any question. Sometimes the answer is "I don't know."

My approach to Bible study is inductive. I do not promote any systematic theology, though I believe some are better than others. I firmly believe that if God appeared physically and preached to us He would say nothing different than what is already printed in the Scriptures.

Through the use of proper hermeneutics (laws of interpretation) with the help of the Holy Spirit, one can understand the Bible as it is meant to be. The Bible means what it says, and it says what it means. It is the only book in the world that reveals God to us. It exhibits a perfect unity throughout its parts. The Bible focuses on Jesus Christ, the Son of God, who is the only Mediator between God and man. He is also the only One who can bring to you forgiveness of sin-guiltiness and an eternity worth waiting for.

If you are seeking an answer from the Bible, I may be able to help you. Send your question via e-mail to arlieandruth@cox.net.

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A Different Approach to Same-Sex Marriage
Many treatments of same-sex marriage reference the biblical texts speaking directly of homosexuality. This article uses a different approach. Here we view the theological picture marriage is supposed to reflect and then consider how gay marriage relates.

Forgiveness in the Lord's Prayer

Homosexuality and the Bible
Should our view of homosexuality be determined by fifty-one per cent? Or does God have something to say about it? Click on the link for a look at the Bible's contribution.

On the Subject of Child Dedication
Many churches that do not practice infant baptism do practice child dedication. Some view this as a worthy substitute and find support in Hannah's offering of Samuel and Joseph and Mary's presenting of Jesus. Whether we support a certain ceremony or not, we need to know what the Bible actually teaches and let it be our guide.

The Origin of Animal Death
Many people believe that God is the Creator, and some wonder why anyone would argue about whether He created the universe in six literal days or not. Isn't it just ok to believe that He did it? Well, there is an issue critical to this discussion, and the very character of God and the way a person should handle Scripture are at stake. Believe it or not, the issue is The Origin of Animal Death, or we might say, Why Gap Creationism, Day-Age Creationism, Progressive Creationism, and Theistic Evolution Are Unlikely. Let us not belittle our Lord simply because we do not recognize His power nor what His word says.

A Twenty-First Century Call to Prayer?
Should one verse of Scripture be made to carry a burden God never intended for it? Such a verse is 2 Chronicles 7:14 which almost every organization calling us to prayer uses for their basis. This is a good verse and we can learn much from it in its historical and grammatical setting; plus we can practice the universal principles which it contains. But the promise it contains was never meant for us.

A Forgotten Adultery
What connection does adultery have with divorce and remarriage anyway? The story differs depending on who is telling it. Aside from individual histories, we want to tell it as Jesus did. Check out A Forgotten Adultery.

Adultery's Voices in the Setting of Divorce/Remarry
The various versions of the Bible have not always accurately reproduced the verb forms used by Jesus in His teaching on the subject of adultery as the result of divorce. Here is an attempt to render them accurately and explain their significance.

Standing Condemned
If you have not believed in Jesus Christ for forgiveness of sins, for eternal life, for a right relationship with God, etc., what is your condition? Is it slightly worse than that of those who do believe? Or is it even preferable in some ways, protecting a kind of freedom that the person who believes in Christ doesn't have? We can have fuzzy ideas about this, but attention to Scriptural passages such as Leviticus 20 definitely helps us to understand with some clarity what it means to stand condemned before God.

The Gift of Prophecy: What Is It?
One man went to a meeting advertised as prophetic. The speaker spoke on themes from the biblical books of Revelation and Daniel.

Another man went to a meeting advertised as prophetic. The speaker pointed out the sins of the people and called them to repentance.

A third man went to a meeting advertised as prophetic. The speaker told him he would have a wildly successful 2007.

As you can see, there is a difference of opinion as to what prophetic is, or, more specifically what the gift of prophecy in the Church is. So this article is an attempt to set the record straight. It is based on a message preached at Community Bible Church in Glendive, Montana in December of 2006.

Tithing, or How Much Does God Want Me to Give?
Have you ever thought about how much money you should give to Christian ministry? The Bible's answer is not in a formula of tithing, as some have suggested, but rather it is a matter of the heart.

Critique of The Prayer of Jabez
What is the buzz about the prayer of Jabez? Is it really a new discovery of a secret hidden in the Bible for centuries? Is it really a technique for obtaining untold blessings from God?

Are You a Christian?
The word "Christian" is used in many ways today with many shades of meaning. Often, the meaning is determined by the person who uses it. The shade of meaning I bring to it is no better than anyone else's. But originally it did mean something in itself, and we can trust the Bible to give us the truth.

For several years I have been compiling the Biblical statements which in essence describe or define a Christian. This project is ongoing, but I am now offering to you the results so far. Read through this article and see whether you fit. No two statements are exactly alike, but all harmonize to round out what a genuine Christian is.

The Filling of the Holy Spirit


Matthew 18:20

Speaking in Tongues

Divorce and Remarriage


I John 1:9


The Presence of God